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Experience real-time applications for agriculture by combining Earth Observation with Artificial intelligence. For a global, detailed and daily updated picture of the crop situation in all parts of the world.

We link open data with self-learning algorithms

We provide global analysis of regional growing areas in real time

We enable demand-driven agriculture for each individual field

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CROPTIFY provides global, satellite-based monitoring of current growing conditions on agricultural land. Objective, in comparison with historical values and enhanced by crop forecasts. A decision-making support that keeps everything in view and focuses on ease of use.

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Field applications

Applications at field level include satellite-based monitoring of current growing conditions, daily updated climate values including location-specific forecasts and a comprehensive conversion of various data formats up to the sending of data to a machine terminal, implemented in user-friendly, globally accessible interfaces.

Take a look at the implementation at our partner https://www.farmBlick.de


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Wheat area forecasts

Wheat area forecasts

You want to know the cultivated area for common wheat of the current marketing year already in November of the previous year?

Competence in applications

For more than 7 years we have been expanding our expertise in small and large-scale fields of interest in conjunction with algorithms for data analysis. We use it to create applications that present large amounts of data and complex relationships in a way that is easy to use and visually appealing. Your individual questions will benefit from this competence, let yourself be impressed.