Climate data

Crop-specific current climate data, plus historical data and forecasts

Remote Sensing

Indices from satellite imagery and from combined climate-satellite data


Visualization of data from external providers, e.g. USDA, NASA

Risk monitoring

Display of risk areas for targeted observation with indication of history and severity

Production forecasting

Objective modelling of yield/area and production for wheat and maize using AI technology


Summary of crop related information: forecasts, market data, USDA numbers, news and more

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Globally available

CROPTIFY is currently available for over 30 countries. These countries account for more than 72% of the production area for wheat and 53% of the production area for maize. More than 90% of the export volume of wheat and maize is covered. All growth-relevant information is available visually and in charts from country level to county level. Updated daily, with historical comparisons, reference to similar years and their production data.

Designed for you

CROPTIFY brings together millions of records, designed to be displayed in a simple and visually appealing way. In this way, news about the crop situation from all parts of the world can be verified quickly and reliably. Limiting factors of crop development can be identified at an early stage and can be tracked on a daily basis. Tedious gathering of information from different sources is no longer necessary, your attention is focused on the important regions and problem cases.


Latest technology